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The Activmotion S range is intended for knee osteotomy in adults.                                                                                                                                        Activmotion S brochure



Opening wedge high tibial osteotomy plates sizes 1 & 2


Technical Features


  • Anatomic asymmetrical implants (blue anodized for left plates and green anodized for right plates).
  • Antero-medial positioning to be as close as possible to the lateral stress.
  • The design of the size 2 implant is adapted to large biplanar cuts or large osteotomies.
  • Titanium alloy TA6V implants for optimized mechanical resistance.



opening wedge high tibial osteotomy plates size 1 & 2


Size choice


Size 1

For monoplanar osteotomy

  • Up to 12 mm of correction

For biplanar osteotomy

  • Up to 6 mm of correction


Size 2

For biplanar osteotomy

  • Ascendant osteotomy
  • Over 12 mm of correction


Opening wedge high tibial osteotomy with ACL replacement plates 


Technical features


  • Anatomic asymmetrical implants (blue anodized for left plates and green anodized for right plates).
  • To prevent any risk of damaging the tunnel, the plate’s upper part is optimized for ACL reconstruction (1).
  • 1 polyaxial locking hole located in the proximal part of the ACL tunnel to avoid damaging the graft.



ACL replacement US


Distal femoral osteotomy plates


Technical features


  • Medial closing and lateral opening plates.
  • Anatomic asymmetrical implants (green anodized for right plates and blue anodized for left plates).
  • 2 offset screw holes improving the mechanical features of the assembly and preventing loss of angular correction (a):

- On both sides of the osteotomy site for closing;

- Above the osteotomy site for opening.


  • Monoaxial locking screws (Oneclip®):

- 7 screws for the closing plate;

- 8 screws for the opening plate.


  • 1 polyaxial locking screw (DTS) allowing to avoid the intercondylar notch, if necessary (b). Possible angulation of the screw before locking (25° locking range) thanks to the DTS system.
  • 1 ramp oblong hole allowing for a simple and controlled compression (c) for closing.



distal femoral osteo plates

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