Activ Screw



The implants of the Stand-Alone Screws range are intended for fractures fixation, osteotomies and arthrodeses of bones in adults and adolescents, appropriate for the size of the device.


Activ Screw brochure 


Screw features


Two types of screws: 


Compressive screws (ref: H2.6JT6.5LxxD-ST) From 45 mm to 120 mm (5 mm inc) 

Positioning screws (ref: H2.6CT6.5LxxD-ST) From 40 mm to 120 mm (5 mm inc)

Activ Screw
Activ Screw

The hexalobe screw recess design (T25) improves torque transmission and ability to cope with difficulty arising from screw insertion into the bone.


Instrument features 


  • A comprehensive and specific kit for Ø6.5 mm cannulated screws 
  • The whole surgery can be performed through a tissue protector (ANC754)
  • A rigid Ø2.5mm L 230 mm pin (33.0225.230) is provided to guarantee a straight trajectory
  • Two types of handles (ANC442 and ANC443) for an ergonomic use
Activ Screw final result
Activ Screw kit US

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