Footmotion Plating System - MTP



The Footmotion Plating System is intended for arthrodeses, fractures and osteotomies fixation and revision surgeries of the foot in adults.


FPS MTP brochure 





Examples of application: hallux rigidus, severe hallux valgus, polyarthritis 

• 3 types of plates, for the right (green plates) and left (blue plates) sides offering versatile solutions.

plaques FPS MTP
  • Range of precontoured plates: the design of this implant is the result of a proprietary state-of-the-art mapping technology to establish an optimized congruence between the plate and the bone.
  • Low profile plate: approximately 1.7 mm thick, thus limiting soft tissue irritation risks while providing an optimized mechanical stability.
  • Oblong hole for pin to achieve compression without removing the pin and to ensure the guiding on the metatarsal.
  • Hole for pin to temporarily stabilize the plate.
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  • A single screw diameter: Ø2.8 mm. Both locking (SLT2.8Lxx) and non locking screws (RLT2.8Lxx) are available. 
  • The screw head is minimally invasive and buried in the plate (1) to limit the risk of soft tissue irritation. 
  • The hexalobe screw recess design improves torque transmission and ability to cope with difficulty arising from screw insertion into the bone.
fixation features FPS MTP

Monoaxial self-locking system



• The threads under the screw head and inside the hole have the same characteristics (1): 

- Cylindrical internal thread profile. 

- Cylindrical external thread profile. 

• Screw head cap (2), 

• Plate and screws are all made of titanium alloy.



Low profile assembly: 

- The screw head is stopped in the hole by its cap, ensuring the locking (3), 

- The screw head is buried in the plate (4). 


> Coaptation of both profiles during locking (5).

monoaxial self locking system



Specific fixations for optimal stability of the assembly 



Hole for transfixation screw


> The transfixation screw goes through the 1st MTP joint providing stability to the assembly.

transfixation screw


Holes for converging screws in the distal and proximal areas


> Converging screws allow a stable fixation of the system.

converging screws FPS MTP

Ramp oblong hole 


The ramp oblong hole enables a simple and controlled compression thanks to its screw-plate interface.

Compression of the joint  FPS MTP

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