Footmotion Hammertoe



The implants of the Footmotion HammerToe range are intended for proximal interphalangeal arthrodeses of lesser toes in adults.                                     Footmotion Hammertoe brochure



Technical features


Hammertoe intramedullary implants


> A comprehensive range of proximal interphalangeal implants


Implants of the Footmotion HammerToe range are one-piece intramedullary implants: 

• 3 sizes to accommodate various anatomical and bone quality needs. 

• 2 angle configurations: 0° or 10° angulation of the distal part, for S, M and L sizes only. 

• Titanium alloy implants. 

• Proximal part oriented at 90° from the distal part to optimize the mechanical flexion properties.


> 1 implant (size R) specifically designed for revision surgeries (0°angulation only).






Ergonomic instruments


The reamer

A specific Ø7 mm reamer (ANC508) is provided to gently remove the cartilage of the middle and proximal phalanxes, to prepare the joint surface for the arthrodesis while minimizing shortening or damage of the surrounding soft tissue.


One distal and one proximal punches adapted to each implant


These punches have dimensions and shapes specifically designed to match with the implant design. Proximal punches match with the implant in closed position. 

Each punch is specifically dedicated to the distal or proximal part of the implant to prepare middle and proximal phalanxes medullary canal, facilitating the implant insertion while ensuring an optimized anchorage.


The implant holder


The implant holder (ANC610) used to insert the implant in the proximal phalanx can stay engaged during the reduction of the middle phalanx (see “Surgical technique”, step 7).




In order to prepare the proximal punch insertion and the implant insertion, two drills are available: 

- Ø1.8 mm (ANC347) for sizes S, M and R, 

- Ø2.2 mm (ANC844) for size L.


Range Hammertoe US - 1
Range Hammertoe US - 2

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