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Available when needed :

The Initial kits come pre-sterilized and ready to use.
The combination of sterile implants and single use instrumentation in a single packaging makes Initial ideal for use in urgent surgical cases.

Safety :

The Initial kits are fully traceable and have a shelf life of 5 years. Their instrumentation and implants are always "fresh out of the box" and have never been opened or used before.


Initial kits can be easily stored in the operating room because of their small size.


Initial is a cost-effective solution.
All the additional costs that standard kits involve are reduced, including cleaning, decontamination, sterilization and handling expenses.

Buying procedure:

Purchasing Initial eliminates additional costs : restocking and orders are simplified, stock management is optimized.


The combination of sterile implants and single-use instrumentation remove contamination risks once and for all.



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