The implants of the Alians Wrist Xpert 2.4 range are intended for hand and forearm fractures, osteotomies and arthrodeses in adults.


Xpert Wrist 2.4 Osteotomy Plate - Correction of the Ulnar Variance brochure


Technical features

  •  2 types of constructs :
    - Dorso-medial plate and radial column plate or dorso-medial narrow plate and radial column plate. 
    Application: Stabilization of the intermediate and radial columns of the distal radius. 
    - Dorso-medial plate and dorso-lateral plate or dorso-medial plate. 
    Application: in the case of high comminutive fracture of the scaphoid surface, when subchondral buttressing is required, it is recommended to use a dorso-lateral plate,


  •  Precontoured plates: 
    - Anatomical fit on the posterior area of the radius. 
    - Metaphyseal curvature to minimize tendons and soft tissues irritation.


  • Single fixation Ø2.4 mm 


  • +/- 10° of polyaxial locking fixation allows the screw to lock into the plate while permitting: 
    - An angulation of the screw,
    - A fixed angle construct of the articular surface and a subchondral bone support.  



  • 2 types of dorso-medial plates: standard plates (51.5 mm) and narrow plates (51.8 mm), Size 2 available in right and left version,
  • Dorso-lateral plate: Size 2 (56.9 mm), available in right and left version,
  • Radial column: size 2 (52.5 mm),
  • Single fixation Ø2.4 mm, locking screws, length 8 mm to 30 mm (2 mm increment), cortical screw, length 8 mm to 30 mm (2 mm increment).


Surgical techniques: final results

Dorso-medial & radial column plates


fragment_specifiq montage1

Dorso-medial & dorso-lateral plates


fragment_specific montage2


Radial column plate: DTSL2


Dorso-medial narrow plates: DTxRN2


Dorso-medial plates: DTxR2


Dorso-lateral plates: DTxQ2


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