Alians Ulna 3/3


The implants of the Alians Ulna range are intended for ulnar shortening osteotomies in adults.


Technical features

  • Several possible approaches: palmar, lateral or dorsal.
  • Low-profile plate with rounded edges to prevent soft tissue irritation.
  • Cutting guide and compression device: 2 cutting guides allowing a cut from 0 to 6 mm and 2 blocks allowing the compression of the osteotomy sites using the rack-and-pinion.
  • Three ø3.5 mm screws located on both sides of the osteotomy site. 



  • Symmetrical ulnar shortening plate (82 mm).
  • Fixation: Ø3.5 mm locking and non-locking cortical screws, length 10 to 24 mm (2 mm increment).
  • Transfixation screw: Ø2.8 mm cortical screw from 16 to 24 mm (2 mm increment),  Ø2.8 mm lag screw 16 to 24 mm (2 mm increment). 


Surgical techniques: final results

Cutting guide and compression device : 

Alians ulna 3/3

Cutting guide and compression device and rack-and-pinion system : 

Technique de pose Ulna 3/3

Final Result

technique de pose 2 Ulna 3/3

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